“OIL SPILL – THE HUMAN UEBERFLUSS” premiered in association with the 61st Berlin International Film Festival from the 9th to the 20th of February 2011 in the Urania Event Centre in the Schöneberg district of Berlin.

The following communication tools were used to showcase the project:

– 7 before/after print exhibits of all “OIL SPILL” victims (1,5 m x 1,0 m)

– 7 white forex-panels with name and age of all victims, “OIL SPILL” logo and the extended claim ” 1 Experiment, 7 Victims, 14 Curious Eyes, 140 Years of Life”, core message “What it must be like for the birds which become soaked in mineral oil and perish on the beach.” (0,7 m x 0,4 m)

– 1 stand-up display with core message with signpost “Follow the Footprints” (5,0 m x 3,0 m).

– Footprint stickers with “OIL SPILL” logo, which visually connect the individual exhibit areas.

– Video-wall with logos and key claims plot prints, 4 video-screens with one pair of headsets each (5,0 m x 3,0 m):

Screen#1 (27″) displays text animated key claims and sponsor logos.
Screen#2 (27″) displays interviews of all victims with soundtrack and music, running time: 2 min
Screen#3 (32″) displays 7 spill sequences in super slow motion with music, running time: 10 min
Screen#4 (27″) displays making-of with original soundtrack and music, running time: 10 min

Location: Urania Veranstaltungscenter, 10787 Berlin, from 9th February 2011 (Premiere) to 20th February 2011
Number of visitors ranged between 3000 to 4000 every day (about 44000 visitors in total)

OIL SPILL Berlinale Premiere

Print announcement in Urania brochure:


Online announcement of the premiere event on the following websites:




Oil-Spill | Promote Your Page Too


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